How to input your fingerprint(s)

Input main fingerprint

  • Select the primary finger to be used. Press the pad of this finger against the device until the blue indicator light turns on;

  • Repeat this action with the same, primary finger 10 more times, inputting your fingerprint at different angles each time. The primary fingerprint is registered when the blue indicator light turns off and you hear the unlock sound;
  • A blinking red light means the device was unable to register your fingerprint. Simply press the same finger again.

Input additional fingerprints (up to 10 prints)

  • Press another finger to the device. The red and blue indicator lights will begin blinking alternately;
  • Unlock the device by inputting your primary fingerprint. (If the red indicator lights up, you may have input a different finger. Try again.)
  • Input the new fingerprint as you did with the primary finger, pressing the new finger 10 more times at different angles until the blue indicator light turns off. The additional fingerprint is now registered;
  • Repeat to input any additional fingerprints.

How to delete a registered fingerprint

  • Press the device with the fingerprint you want deleted. Hold it there until the red indicator light starts blinking. Release the finger;
  • Please note: If you have deleted the main fingerprint, anybody can open the lock with any finger (until a new main fingerprint is registered);
  • If the red indicator light comes on but does not blink, please try the fingerprint again or return to the first step for deletion.

How to check charging

  • Press a finger to the device. If the Green indicator blinks, power is low. Please charge it.

How to charge

  • Open the charging port and connect the Type-C silica gel USB charging cable.
  • Confirm the green light has turned on.
  • Charge it for about 1.5 hours. When the device is fully charged, the green light goes out.
  • Unplug the charging cable and cover the port to prevent water and dust getting in.